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Online Money making businesses – the E-Com Basics

Online Money making businesses – the E-Com Basics

E-commerce has become one of the hottest industries for new and established entrepreneurs alike. E-commerce is a business which is conducted online, can be of any type. The most common example of e-commerce is shopping done online, which is mostly selling and buying of goods through internet or on any device.

With estimation of reaching a market of over $4 trillion in sales by 2020, online businesses are becoming the fastest growing retail market. E-commerce is the simplest yet the most effectively profitable method of money making online.

Here are some pointers on how to make money through E- Commerce that can be benefiting for your business.

Get Going

Decide what to sell, before you build up your presence online and make an online store, you need to know what you are going to sell. Determine the category, for example; fitness, technology, dresses, pet store, baby-care stores, and whatever is popular or the business you think deserves an online presence. Do some research before getting right into it. You don’t want a lot of tough competition to be in the business you want to dive in. Initially if your business and investment is small, you might want to choose an industry with less competition.

Setting Up

After your research, start setting up and make lists of things you need to get done. You can create an online store with Rozzario – E-commerce solutions. There are many themes to choose from, you can go for a full custom designs too. After signing up, you can use plugins that are available online to help you with storing and shipping, and to automate the process.

The Payment

Now comes the turn for the payment processor, you can use third party processor like Stripe or PayPal, or use a payment gateway which is supported in your country.

You can outsource the products you have listed from Alibaba as well, if you don’t like handling the orders yourself. Order in less quantity at first and once you are happy with the products, take it up a level and order more as the demand on your store goes high. If you require pictures ask suppliers to provide them, this way is much easier than taking the pictures of products yourself.

Start Marketing, make some noise!

Now that you are good to make sales, start marketing to let people know. Use Social Media which is free and the most effective way to communicate to your audience, the birdy we discussed about, last week, did you read that blog? Here; Rozzario – Social Media Have a quick read, but do come back here, because the tips have just started.

Customer Targeting

To start selling online, the first and the most important thing you want to do is target the right customer base. In order to make your business flourish target the right people and sit back and relax, let the correct marketing mix work its magic.

Create a Facebook Page

If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? If you want to create an online presence chances are you have already created a Facebook page of your business. You can promote organically on Facebook or advertise your page by running ad campaigns to reach a larger audience.


We cannot stress how important it is to have an Instagram page, almost as important as Facebook. On Instagram there are two ways to advertise, through Facebook, in which you can just advertise along with Facebook, no rocket science involved. Second way is to contact influencers. Ask them to promote your products and reach a more precisely targeted audience.

Influencer Marketing

Why not ask some influencing people to do you bidding for you, well that’s called influencer marketing and its where you ask people with large following online, to test your products and review them.

Keep in mind, larger the following on the influencer’s page, the more you will have to pay them, the new and not too well known influencers might even promote your brand for free.

Google Ads

Be seen where needed with strategically driven Google ad campaigns that make sure you are seen on top of searches. By the way, if that gets too technical you can always turn to use to take care of your ecommerce and digital marketing needs.

Are all these points a little tough to follow through? Do you need a better and a faster way?

We at Rozzario, can make your life simple. You just have to place the order and the pointers mentioned above will be taken care of.

Order now and get 35% Off on your next ecomm venture!


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